So, in case you weren’t paying attention, I’ve decided to call this piece “Harvest Moon”, because the colours when I began resided very much in the red-orange-burnt gold side of the spectrum. I resisted, but the colours would not be deterred. They were very determined, and I decided to toss my titling skills out the window and say “FUCK IT.”

Now for the important bit of this post. As I was finishing up the last few colours in this, the mail came, and I received a gorgeous brown cardboard box, out of which came Harvest Moon, an absolutely stunning tea blend by the wonderfully talented Daunt. If you’ve so far managed to be in this fandom without hearing of her OR her tea blends, shame on you. Go forth and remedy that. I’ll wait.

Point is, I finished “Harvest Moon” while drinking a mugful of Harvest Moon (fantastic with a tiny bit of milk, I didn’t need to add any sweetener).

"Harvest Moon" just needs to be ironed, framed, and put up on Etsy (I’m referring to the cross-stitch, not the tea; although it would be an interesting experience to try ironing and framing tea).

If you’re interested in this cross-stitch, or a custom commission, don’t hesitate to send me a message!